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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. it has been a violent night and morning we will take you to the scene of the latest shooting and tell you what we learned. record highs yesterday, can we continue that theme today? the fbi plans to shut down part of the internet, the reason is because they plan to protect you. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you welcome to a brand-new day, it is thursday february 23rd, i am dave clark.
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>> and i am pam cook, another nice day steven? yes, we still have a north wind for most, so a weather wind advisory for higher elevations but nothing to be found, there was patchy fog on coast but it looks like that has been wiped out. upper 70s to near 80s, more record highs, here is sal. if you are driving across to or from marin county it should be a nice drive on 580 or to marin. east bay is looking good on highway 4 if you are coming to the willow pass grade, let's go back to the desk. an overnight fire badly damaged a home. now we are looking for any sign of a fire, joining us from the scene with what neighbors saw and heard, christian? >> reporter: firefighters told me this truck is getting ready
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to leave and activity is starting to wind down. if you take a look passed that wall, you are actually looking into the front of this home and just a moment ago, we saw a firefighter going into that home. while they are beginning to mop up, the search is underway and right now a family of four, a mother, father and two children all unaccounted for. they arrived on the scene and they tell me they found the home engulfed in flames. the 911 call came in from a neighbor and he reports he saw the flames and rushed to the home to check on the residents and when he arrived to the front door to the court yard was wide open and the family was nowhere to be seen. >> the front door was open, it never is. i don't know why the door was opened, it is never open and i
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run into the courtyard and i was screaming fire, fire, get out. >> it took firefighters an hour to get that fire under control and they have been -- surveying from the front. two vehicles are still there and the suv is driven by the family's father and the other car is by the mother. if the family's cars are here and the family is unaccounted for, where are they. they say they had not heard anything about a vacation. earlier firefighters went through those vehicles looking for contact information for the family. they are trying to get new details and we are hearing again it is a family of four a mother and father, a boy about five years old and a girl about seven years old and at this point the search is still on for the family that lives here.
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and it is here at the intersection of sunny veil and still the search is on for a family of four ktvu channel 2 morning news. in overnight news oakland police are still at the scene of an early morning shooting still the latest in a string of violence in oakland. claudine wong, what do you know? >> well, police are waiting for the crime scene and it is still open this morning. at this point they are still trying to figure things out. [inaudible] >> reporter: here is what we do know, we know the victim was not inside the car. no witnesses and it is still unclear if the victim was a loan, police are trying to figure it all out. >> we got a call, we don't know who the caller was a victim was
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suffering a gunshot wound and my officers located them. we don't have a lot of information but we are still investigating the case. >> reporter: this is the latest and shots were fired at international boulevard. a group standing next to a taco truck but there were no reports of anybody hit or any damage to any vehicles in the area but this is the third shooting at a taco truck in just the last few months. and he was able to run into the backyard of a home and the resident who i don't know him called 911 for help. at last word no arrests have been made. it may give us just a little indication of why we are waiting for a crime scene technical at the location we are and apparently it has been
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a busy night. we see a vehicle arriving and it may in fact be the crime scene technician, we will keep you updated, claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are searching for a gunman who fired a shot at a man at fisherman's wharf. it happened at the in and out hamburger. the victim is a known gang member was shot in the leg and his hand. however investigators don't think the shooting was gang related and it is believed it was some type of argument. police have released two people who have been retained. they were with the victim but were not involved in the shooting. the san francisco task force continues. and a half a million people in the u.s. could find themselves cut off from the internet. it is all because of a group in
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estonia has many cut off from trough general mall wear. they got a temporary court order to operate a set of is your verse to -- servers to allow computers to stay online. however any computers that are still infected will not be able to get on the internet when that court order expires. they are considering a consumer privacy bill of rights. it is designed to get or give information about what is collected about them online. why some privacy advocates still does not go far enough. president barack obama will talk about his energy policy and he says it will reduce depends on foreign oil in the long-term and he will address concerns about rising gas
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prices. pg&e is admitting they failed to inspect gasoline across the peninsular. they blame the oversight on a record keeping error. pg&e was supposed to check the electric current to protect the line from corrosion. in the meantime a judge proposed a $3 million fine against the utility for failing to produce records. the head of the public utilities commission suggested finding them a million dollars a day until they turned over those records. they hope to break ground on a new stadium this year following a unanimous vote by the city's planning commission. it will be built on coalman avenue right near the airport. they upheld a planned development permit and they also denied an appeal that was made by a neighborhood group.
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some had been raising concerns about stadium lights and about traffic. they want that 18,000 seat stadium opened by next year. all right, we have some breaking news just into our newsroom, military officials say two military helicopters have collided while training in the desert of southern california. seven soldiers have been killed in that crash. this is breaking news, the desert of california and possibly arizona, but two helicopters have crashed, we will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. sal is watching our commute, sal? good morning to you, once again we are looking at the crowded bay bridge toll plaza and as people are showing up, usually the metering lights go
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up so there is not a person but after a certain valium of traffic gets there every day which is when the crowds hit. it looks like the lights may have gone on already. no major delays though as you drive into san francisco. also the morning commute is moving along well on interstate 880 and traffic looks good as you drive up and down. if you are driving on the peninsular across the bay southbound 101 looks good and so far so good for the south bay commute, let's go to steve. mt. diablo had gusts up to 61 and is creeping up on the gusts since midnight. right now 50 miles per hour but it was only 24 six hours ago. temperatures will be reflected from that northeast wind.
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24, 50 to 51 miles per hour granted it is up 3100 feet but some of the higher elevations are at the area mainly above 5,000 feet but from fairfield to vacaville it looks like it is calming a little bit. north wind at santa rosa and that's a really warm direction for them. southwest in the valley and any where from 10 to 25 yet a west wind at 7 at fso. 39 at napa airport and 58. officially 50 at san francisco and santa rosa holding at 51 and i am surprised it is not warmer than that. it will be sunny and there is no doubt about it as high pressure kicked in, in a big way as you might imagine. record highs are possible mainly for the higher
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elevations 70s to mid-to-upper. we will start a cool down on the coast to make sure everybody cools down and it will be okay as it will be much cooler on sunday and monday. heavy rain caused flooding. at least one home was destroyed and damaged by a 100-foot mudslide. people in nearby homes were evacuated as a precaution and engineers are working to stabilize the whole area. we have developing news, a deadly attack, it happened this morning now has u.s. military bases on high alert. >> while i was fighting to save them you were fighting for a path to nowhere. >> we will have more in last night's debate. anyone who grows things for a living will tell ya...
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. one hour ago we received this video from one military base, also moments ago, president barack obama sent a letter to the afghan government
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apologizing for the koran burning. pressure is raised on pressure to protect your privacy online. they are bringing on consumer privacy and new from washington to reign in the internet giants, allison? >> reporter: that's right with scandals breaking almost every night revealing how an internet company is invading your privacy, president barack obama is pushing for new consumer protection. the bill of rights say you should have greater control over what is collected. it should provide easy to understand privacy policies and it says there should be reasonable limits on what information the companies gather but this is just a blue print, a list of aspirations, president barack obama is calling on congress to enact more concrete rules of the
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road. others have come under fire for how they track consumer activity online and use it for targeted advertising. just yesterday, several internet giants agreed to put in a new not track button but others feel it could hurt their businesses and stifle innovation. reporting live, allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> time now 617. republican front runners rick santorum and mitt romney went at each other in what could be the last debate. they criticized mitt romney for supporting the wall street bailout but not the auto industry bailout. >> he supported wall street and bailed out wall street was all for it and when it came to auto workers he said no. >> no way would we allow them
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to totally i am mode and disappear. >> now the candidates debated topics like federal spending earmarks and whether they support building a fence all the way along the boarder between u.s. and mexico. >> we apply many resources including if necessary, department of homeland security, i am prepared to move up to half of them to arizona new mexico and texas. >> the best way to do it is forget about the border between pakistan and afghanistan and deal with the borders. >> arizona and michigan hold their primaries on tuesday and then march 6th come super tuesday in 10 states. governor brown is scheduled to arrive in d.c. he is a
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tending the winter meeting starting tomorrow. during his visit he is expected to meet with president barack obama and members of congress. well the city of stockton may be headed for bankruptcy. they will begin the first steps in the process. the city has been slow to recover from the mortgage meltdown but critics say filing for bankruptcy would cost tens of millions of dollars and threaten the city's ultimate recovery. a judge would have to clear any restructuring plans. >> sal, how is it out there? >> it is not bad although it is going to get heavier during this next few minutes and it is beginning to get higher on highway 4. you will see slow traffic in some of these areas especially in pittsburgh, 680 nearby from the venetia bridge to walnut creek i would say
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okay but not great and highway 80 westbound bay bridge backed up now beyond the first ever crossing, the metering lights came on just after 6:10 or so and now we have a backup and we'll see how long it takes for people to use 580 to get to the mcarthur maze which was the big problem yesterday, 880 was not as bad. moving to the south bay we keep checking 101 and we have a problem at 101 at 13th street. a crash two cars on the shoulder and traffic may be slowing down to take a look. let's go to steve. well, here is our offshore breeze, we could say if we were in kansas i could say there was dust in the wind but mainly an offshore breeze, it goes into the direction the wind is from. no clouds are found and there
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was a little bit of patchiness on the coast but that's gone. it is 25 plus in the santa cruz mountains and a north wind continues for many. north of vacville, fso was northwest at 7 but now it is calm. that northwesterly breeze is collapsing. 51 at san rafael downtown oakland 52 with an east wind coming off the oakland berkeley hills. high pressure will be our fair weather friend and it's definitely large and in charge coast bay and inland record highs and that advisory will go until 6:00 tonight. a few isolated 60s along the coast and it's also very windy and fog returns to the coast friday and a big cool down as we go into the weekend especially sunday into early
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next week. today apple held their first share holders meeting and the meeting comes after apple's stock hits and all time high but they are having to answer questions to chinese suppliers. another topic is the trademark battle with the company that says they own the rights to the ipad name. first quarter profits fell 5% and it is still better than analysts forecast. the discounts store train says revenue has increased 4 to 5% but high costs affected the bottom line. and flat sales ended up for the quarter. i know you are french but the reason the french are bidding goodbye. and in the bay area, why they are worried about most of
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the coast guard ships, stay tuned for more. ao3q
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. good morning, bay bridge toll plaza is getting busy and as you look cars are moving through a couple of days ago it
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was a still photograph and we will be watching 580 to see how long that backup becomes open. and it is the first of its kind military address. he will deliver the annual state of the coast guard speech and delivered it outside of washington d.c. they will serve as the backdrop in alameda and many more are needed. he says the vast majority of the could he have guard ships -- coast guard ships are falling apart. sheriff's deputies found dozens of explosives inside a man's car tuesday evening during a traffic stop. they later found bomb making materials inside the suspect's home. he has been identified. investigators are not revealing
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any possible motive. two bay area teachers could appear in court to face charges for sexually assaulting students. he taught more than a decade at james logan high school. he is accused of having sex with a then 16-year-old female student. he is facing 22 counts. also an arrangement is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. for 43-year-old marie johnson. she is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy who was a former student. she faces 2 dozen criminal counts. women in france are no longer being referred to as madam. the term is equivalent to miss in english and it is unfair
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they have to disclose their marital status. san jose university. they could affect hundreds of students in the south bay. fire investigators are just going into the family's home looking for a missing family of four. and in new york, they are standing by ready to ring the bell, we will be right back.
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. signing in over on the nasdaq, it is all those shows that you -- it is hard to watch. the real estate anything you
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cannot afford but anyway, we can dream. >> exactly, it is fun. >> we will smile and say good morning, it is a thursday february 23rd, i am dave clark. >> good morning i am pam cook, it is now 6:30. we are following developing news and a search is happening right now after a fire ran through their home last night. back now with the very latest, what is going on christian? >> reporter: you are actually looking in through the front of the house and the firefighter told me the front of that home burned out so you are looking at what was once the living room. i just spoke with the fire investigators and at this point he is waiting for a structural engineer to arrive before making a search room by room of
6:32 am
this house. they are concerned that a family of four are all unaccounted for at this time. they arrived on the scene and they found the home engulfed in flames. the 911 call came from a neighbor and that neighbor reports he saw the flames, rushed to the home to check on the residents and when he arrived he found the front door open and the family was nowhere to be seen. at this point they tell us the search for that family is still ongoing. >> right now the residents are unaccounted for and we are hoping it is just that they are out of town or away for the evening or the night but at this point in time, it is only speculation. >> coming back to our live shot, you can see that fire investigators coming out of what is actually a courtyard area in front of that home, one of the major concerns, of course the family's vehicles here, that is the primary
6:33 am
concern and that has the neighbors concerned. the suv belongs to the father and the mother and the question is, if these two vehicles are here, we saw firefighters looking through the vehicles looking for contact information and we understand at this point they have not been able to contact that family so the question is still at this hour, where is the family of four that lives in this home? the search is ongoing and we will continue to monitor the situation. we are waiting for sun up and that structural engineer to arrive. when they arrive we will get a clearer picture of what is inside that home when they go through a room by room search. we will find out what that search will entail an we will bring you details as soon as we can. for now christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are searching for a gunman who shot a man twice last night at fisherman's
6:34 am
wharf. it handed out side the inn and out hamburger at jefferson street. it is believed there was some kind of argument and the shooter opened fire. now police have detained two people who were with the victim but were not involved in the shooting. oakland police remain on the scene of an early morning shooting just the latest in a string of violence on the streets of oakland. claudine wong is at 32nd and add line where the victim's car is still there, claudine? >> reporter: there were three separate shootings and this is the scene of the latest, you can see the car and we thought earlier we saw crime scene techs arriving but that was not the case as you can see police are still on standby.
6:35 am
this is where police found the latest shooting victim. we tonight know much about what happened. police are still trying to figure it out. we know the victim was conscious when they found him and certainly they are hoping he can tell them what happened. >> we got a call that there was victim suffering a gunshot wound and my officers located him. we requested information but we don't have a lot of information right now and we are still investigating the case. >> reporter: this was not the only violent incident, there were also shots fired at a taco truck. no reports of anybody being hit and both parties involved fled the scene before police arrived. and shots were fired just a couple of miles away. the victims in that case apparently stumbled into the yard looking for victims.
6:36 am
the resident called 911 and the victim was taken to the hospital and at last word he was in critical condition. they left three dead and eight injured and again at this point crime scene texts are very busy and we are still waiting for one to arrive. they are talking about the violence and all of february and january, they are looking for patterns and. >> looking to see if redirecting violence will help stop. just a few minutes ago, military officials say two military helicopters have collided while training near arizona. seven soldiers have been killed and we hear the marines are based out of camp pendleton in san diego county. they reportedly taking part in an exercise at 8:00 last night when helicopters collided in
6:37 am
mid-air. we will bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. as many as 50,000 henns will have to be euthanized after they were found. they were found at a farm, one that had been rented by a company. those henns had not been fed for more than two weeks and many had already died. a dozen responders arrived with protective suits as they cleaned out the barns. the owner is now facing animal cruelty charges. a judge is involved in a heated legal distribute between bryan stow and the dodgers. they are using their major financial problems as a shield to minimize their financial liability in the infamous beating case. the dodgers site 50 million in
6:38 am
total damages. the dodgers filed for bankruptcy and they say they should not be held libel for an attack that could not have been prevented. local students at san jose university for the first time students from santa clara may not be given preference. notices for dozens of applicants are on hold until university leaders figure out a plan. a spike in applications combined with budget cuts have forced them to raise the tuition criteria and a decision could come as early as tomorrow. santa rosa school district was unable to get the four votes needed to approve the closure of the school but they wanted to close the school because of low academic output and the students would have been transferred to nearby schools but again the school
6:39 am
has been saved. i was just thinking the same thing. we need to help friends on 101 because there was a noninjury crash on 13th street. it is that indicater right there. there is a little bit of slowed traffic but 280 is the better bet. if you leave the house early or look at the santa cruz mountains, moderate conditions coming in over the mountains. 237, also stop-and-go traffic crossing the valley gets better and of course we watched the bay bridge toll plaza. this looks kind of normal for this time of the morning and it does appear that they are cycling as they normally do letting the appropriate amount of vehicles on to the bridge. i have a friend in new york, how hot will it be today in napa? >> it's very mild, it is 65 and
6:40 am
68 degrees. >> wow, so it is not just us. warm conditions as you know, we had record highs and temperatures as long as we held that north breeze, everybody will be warming up again and we can't find it. the wind is picking up on mt. diablo and in fact it was not that bad, about 25 miles per hour at midnight. so a wind advisory until 6:00 mainly above 1,000 feet but 25 to 35, in the santa cruz mountains and north at 10 at vacaville, north 12 at santa rosa fso was calm, 58 fairfield, a lot of 50s and upper 40s santa rosa -- san
6:41 am
rafael holding at 50 degrees, livermore holding at 79, temperatures were very warm yesterday and they will be in record-setting territory again today. it looks like some cooler weather returns to the coast but today wall to wall sunshine and a few advisories in mainly higher elevations will continue. 60s to $70 to near 80 -- 60s and 70s to near 80 degrees. 6:41 1,700 people in west marin are facing some of the most drastic water cut backs they have seen in decades. low rainfall is threatening the water supply and unless there is 10 more 15s an -- 10 more
6:42 am
inches an emergency cut will take affect cutting water usage. it claimed dozens of lives overnight... >> and somebody knocked over this monument and spray painted a satanic graffiti symbol. we will tell you more about this thursday morning's commute, stay tuned for more. st car...
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. a gunman is still on the loose in san francisco after a shooting last night in fisherman's wharf. it happened last night outside an in and out restaurant. the victim who was shot twice is a known gang member but they don't think the shooting was gang related. they are searching for victims last night from a possible house fire. it happened at 1:00 a.m. and neighbors say at least five people live in that house. u.s. military bases in afghanistan are on high alert after a deadly attack just hours ago. neighbors say an afghan soldier
6:46 am
wounded four others. an afghan soldier was reportedly furious about the recent burning of holy korans near a u.s. military base. several people were killed an injured in a series of coordinated attacks. they appear to be talking security forces. people were rushing over to help and the bombs hit government buildings, restaurants and even close to a school. while nobody has claimed responsibility, al qaeda is believed to be behind the attacks. she is announcing she has not paid taxes since 2004,. >> i feel it is my moral duty and responsibility to withhold my taxes. >> the reason she says the government does not deserve her money. investigators in union city call it a hate crime.
6:47 am
police are searching for the vandals who desecrated a church on ash wednesday. allie rasmus is there with the eric -- remember rick -- eric has more. >> reporter: they have to fix this months all the and also the wooden -- monument and also the wooden cross on the front lawn that was knocked over. a caretaker noticed it while preparing for services and somebody sprayed a pen gram and painted the faces black of mary and joe self. parishers were moved to tears as they came out for the first day of lent. >> the community is very upset.
6:48 am
it attacks religion and it is done in a threatening way that many people are afraid to come here. >> reporter: police don't seem to have any suspects yet. the father urged parishioners to forgive the people responsible despite this act of hate and he was also touched when people from other faiths came out to show their support to what happened here. we spoke to a man who belongs to this church and he came by to see all this vandalism for himself because he simply could not bear to look at it yesterday and we will have his comments in the next hour. ktvu channel 2 morning news. we want to check in on sal, good morning sal. good morning traffic is going to be much busier and highway 24 still looks good on the way to the tunnel.
6:49 am
highway 4 will be slow as we come through pittsburgh and bay point. that traffic is moving along well in both directions. if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza, it looks a lot more normal than it has. 6:48 let's go to steve. a beautiful sunrise, just a few high clouds up around 20,000 feet, 20,000, 10,000, interesting temperatures, twin peeks at this time yesterday was 61 and they are 47 today. that is big difference. financial district is 55 so some big differences in temperatures but not that far. if it is northeast it will be a warm day and it will still be mostly warm. the gulfs in mt. diablo -- the
6:50 am
gusts in mt. diablo are going up. still gusts above the east bay hills and off shore 25 to 35 so blustery conditions, not too bad, santa rosa fairfield north of vacaville out to the valley calm in san jose an "f" s o there was a puff of a breeze which looks like it has collapsed. those are all record highs for the day, even mountain view came through, a possibility again today, temperatures will fall off the table as we head to the weekend. 30s, 40s and 50s, a lot of upper 40s officially 50s in san francisco. up and over, high pressure is really quite content to hang out. the jetstream stays to the
6:51 am
north, a cold system will move to the north of us and that will really change things, possible record highs, breezy blustery conditions. 60s and 70s on the temperatures, way above average, we will have to level it off somewhere and we will by the time we get to sunday and monday and fog gets back to the coast sunday and monday. good morning dave. they held steady last week, applications stayed at 51,000 and that's the fewest when the country was just a few months into the recession. applications have talent -- fallen steadily. many economists are considering hiring strong enough to lower the unemployment rate. apple may finally be working its way into the pentagon. until now they have and that unit has asked for a bid more
6:52 am
than 18,000 ipad 2s. they will be used foreman walls which -- for manuals by the air force. san far fire department, what we found out about cancer rates in female firefighters. a magazine under fire, a photo of whitney houston on the cover which is making headlines. and this particular area of highway 4 is getting slower and it is much slower and we will tell you where and we will have more on your morning commute.
6:53 am
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7,000 high school students drop out every school day. that's a line of desks more than 4 miles long. we can keep bay area students in school. visit and take the first step.
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. dow jones industrial average down about 41 points, s&p 500 is not the same but the s&p 500 profits with the companies are rising. coming up, the national inquirer are showing a photo of the late whitney houston in her cassette. this is on the cover of the magazine. it was reportedly taken inside a newark funeral home. her body was under 24 hour guard before her funeral and
6:56 am
the only time security was not there was during a private viewing. they are trying to capture a wanted felon. patrick crashed into a car while leading police on a chase a week ago. police say he ran away and left behind a loaded gun in a car. he is already wanted on two warrants in possession of stolen property and possession of drugs for sale. they have a much higher risk of breast cancer than most women. she is one of 16 women in her 40s and have been diagnosed with breast cancer. 40% of the women in that age bracket and less than 1% of all women in their 40s have been told they have breast cancer. we will start discussions on a plastic bag and styrofoam container ban again. they are trying to discourage
6:57 am
them from using this and require a 5-cent charge but that ban was put on hold when they sued marin county for a similar ban. there is no information on whether they will resume that next month. they are bringing a blue and yellow tent to san jose. we want to show you video of crus in october da -- crews in october about a big tent and they will be putting it up in the south bay. it is where a show will run through april 15th. very nice. coming up on 7:00, we want to check in with sal for traffic. we are doing well around the bay but it is slow in some spots. but i just got a tweet which says this looks normal for her. it didn't look normal but today it does. let's look at the commute in san francisco. that looks nice on northbound
6:58 am
101. in san jose, there goes cal trans, and they are on time. except for a few high clouds, sunny warm day record highs, i can't find any, a couple of puffs, changes on the week condition and we will have more on that and coming up on mornings on 2. an overnight fire in the south bay, why this one is raising concerns about the safety of an entire family. >> also the deadly attack which has citizens in afghanistan on high alert. stay with us, we will be right back. ♪
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